Executive Chairman

Eskine Wollie

Executive Co-Chairman

Jeneh Logan


Cleopatra Dennis

General Secretary

Richard Kollie

Board of Advisors

Board Chairman

Nathaniel Logan

Board Co-Chairman

Thomas E. Cole


Watta Koroma


Mathew K. Queh


Ansumanah Cooper



Our History


LIBACCO’s origin can be traced back to June 1997. A few Liberians living in Chester County decided to organize themselves into an association. However, after five years the organization became dormant.

In 2005 a meeting was called by the then acting president Mr. Richard Hanes for the purpose of reorganizing and revitalizing the association. This meeting was held at the home of Mr. Kennedy Queh. The meeting attracted around 90% of Liberians living in and around Coatesville, Downingtown and Thorndale. At the conclusion of the meeting, the members decided to rename the organization “The Liberian Association of Chester County” or LIBACCO for short.

In 2006 a five member constitution committee headed by Mrs. Roseline Sarnor was appointed by the then acting chairman, Mr. Richard Hanes to formulate a working document that would guide the association.

Under the new constitution, the title of President was changed to executive chairman and the Board of Directors was changed to Board of Advisors. Presently, the organization is administered by a five-member board of Advisors and an Executive Committee comprising the Executive Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary General, Auditor and all chairpersons of the various standing committees. The Standing Committees include the Social Services, Sports, Elections, Building and Grievance.

Membership: Membership to Libacco is opened to all Liberians, friends of Liberia and spouses of Liberians members. Membership to the organization is also accorded to non Liberians as associate and honorary members. However, associates and honorary members cannot vote or contest an election within the organization. To become a member, one must pay a one-time membership registration fee of $25.00 and a continuous monthly due of $10.00 in order to remain in good standing within the organization.

Elections: Since its reorganization, Libacco has had three successful general elections. The first election which was held In August 2009 elected Mr. Richard Hanes as Executive Chairman, Mr. Moses Kollie-Vice Chairman, Mr. Kennedy Queh-Treasurer and Mrs. Jackie Hanes as Secretary General.

In October 2010 a five member advisory Board was elected to serve for a four year term. In 2012 election was held for a new administration for the organization to serve a two year term of office. Mr. Eskine Wollie was elected Executive Chairman, Mrs. Jeneh Logan vice chair and MS. Cleopatra Dennis as Treasurer. The position of General Secretary still remains to be filled.