Executive Chairman

Eskine Wollie

Executive Co-Chairman

Jeneh Logan


Cleopatra Dennis

General Secretary

Richard Kollie

Board of Advisors

Board Chairman

Nathaniel Logan

Board Co-Chairman

Thomas E. Cole


Watta Koroma


Mathew K. Queh


Ansumanah Cooper

We make this page available for all who would like to support our community effort.

As with all Non-Profit organizations, receiving donations ensures that the work we perform for our community will continue as we build a stronger foundation with hope that future generations of Liberians in the community will benefit.

Our current goal is to raise enough funds to have our own meeting facility. Once acquired, this will enable us to host more functions that will enable our team of volunteers to be more effective in the leadership roles they currently carry out. The children and adult programs we have planned can then be centralized in one location, creating an even better family environment.

Through your generosity we can make a difference and we can make this a dream come true.

We have decided to use PayPal as our mayment processor. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use a credit card.

To make a $50.00 Donation use the button below.

To make a $100.00 Donation use the button below.

To make a $500.00 Donation use the button below.

To make a $1000.00 Donation use the button below.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave us a message using the form fill located on our "Contact Us" page

On behalf of LIBACCO I personally want to thank you in advance for considering LIBACCO as your choice in giving to an organization that truly makes a difference in our community.

Eskine Wollie
Executive Chairman, LIBACCO