Executive Chairman

Eskine Wollie

Executive Co-Chairman

Jeneh Logan


Cleopatra Dennis

General Secretary

Richard Kollie

Board of Advisors

Board Chairman

Nathaniel Logan

Board Co-Chairman

Thomas E. Cole


Watta Koroma


Mathew K. Queh


Ansumanah Cooper




Our mission is to establish a community and social learning center to promote awareness among our community youth and adult citizens (members). Our main focus is to promote education encompassing Liberians, adult literacy, scholarship, citizenship and integration of Liberian immigrants into the greater American Society. We strive to promote an environment where women are valued and contributing members of the community.





Our vision is to elevate our community by encouraging members of our community through cooperation and education with the sense of responsibilities that harness our individual collective experiences for the benefit of the members. We believe in keeping our treasured youth out of trouble with the law through educational awareness and ensuring that newly arrived Immigrants are easily assimilated into the greater American culture.